Sunshine Golson

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Sunshine Golson is a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern who received her Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University.  During her time at Pepperdine Sunshine also expanded on her sexual education knowledge by joining and participating in Sexual Therapy and Education Associations. During this time she also began her Sex Therapy Certification process that included additional education in the areas of sexual expression, LGBTQA issues, sexual violation, sexual response systems as well as other areas of sexual concern.

During her traineeship Sunshine was given the opportunity to develop and facilitate a group specifically aimed at helping women addicts regain their own sense of healthy sexuality by empowering them to own not only their sexual identities but to also own who they will become.  During the group sessions Sunshine touched on multiple topics including safe sexual acts, consent, and how to begin to repair the damage caused by sexual exploitation.  Sunshine maintains a unique ability to talk and educate about sensitive subject areas, in a way that puts her clients at ease and allows them to share about their own experiences without feeling shame or isolation.

Sunshine specializes in the discovery of intimacy. All to often intimacy is interchanged with sex, when in reality there are layers to intimacy. These layers are in the intimacy that one has with themselves, the intimacy one has with friends and family and then of course there is the intimacy found in a sexual relationship.  These are the areas where Sunshine works with clients to help them discover who they are, how they can grow, how they can connect, and how they can begin to heal.




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